Tree Services – Safety and Accuracy

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Tree Services - Safety and Accuracy

Unpredictable Endeavor

Cutting down trees is an erratic and unpredictable endeavor. One can never be certain of their expertise in tree removal “This morning, a guy was seriously injured while cutting down trees from the street” is something we hear daily in the news. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 200 fatal injuries on average every year in the United States and 60 deaths a year because of tree removal.

Day by day the number of such incidents are increasing. The injury is mostly due to falling off a tree or a branch while cutting it. Some fatal injuries can even leave the worker crippled for life hence it is very important to take as many precautions as you can while doing this job and all the more reason to not to attempt to cut down a tree by yourself if you are not an expert and not certified.


Lesson: Even if you are a professional, don’t be so confident about your knowledge and expertise instead take necessary precautions of tree removal. A tree removal worker must wear the following items in order to prevent injuries.

• Helmet or Face shield cap:
Since damage to the head while falling down may lead to concussion hence one should wear a helmet or a face shield to defend themselves. They will also absorb the shock in case you fall back on a power supply line.

• Gloves:
The tools used for cutting down trees are very sharp and the chances of getting cuts and bruises are plenty. Such gloves would increase your grip and protect you from getting any sort of contusions, cuts or infections from poisonous plants.

• Chainsaw protective clothing:
What happens if the chainsaw accidentally comes too close to you? One should consider such factors in mind and wear proper chainsaw protective clothes including rugged pants and jamming chap usually made up of Kevlar.

• Work Shoes:
To maintain your balance and grip up on the tree, you would require the right kind of work shoes. Regular shoes usually worn by the worker causes imbalance and leads to accidents.

• Safety glasses/Goggles:
Your eyes need protection from all sort of chainsaw debris and branches while up in the tree. Goggles would be the best solution even if you don`t want to wear a protective face shield. This way your eyesight remains 20/20 and you can avoid all obstacles


One thing to be kept in mind before planning to cut down trees is to check the weather status. Avoid doing it in case of a bad weather i.e. even a slightly windy day is inappropriate. Don’t forget to observe the site for any kind of dangers, weak branches, dead or rotting wood, poisonous plants or insects etc.

Check if the tree to be cut down is near any power supply lines and if it is then you might be needing a rope to change the direction in which the tree would fall. Analyze the size of the tree and double check if your tools are right to do the job or not. Follow the procedure, take all the necessary precautions and you are good to go. For more information on tree services safety, contact your local arborist in Naperville IL Check them out here. Stay safe and preferably call an expert before any DIY, remember this is not recommended by attempting to do it yourself.

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