Get An Attractive Lawn In A Couple Of Hours A Week

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Time-strapped house owners take heart-you can have an attractive lawn. Devoting less than 2 hours a week to the typical lawn can produce a fantastic lawn if you prioritize your tasks, states the nationally recognised “Yard Doctor,” Trey Rogers, Ph.D

A current study revealed that consumers’ number one yard care issue was discovering adequate time to care for their yards.

” Having a nice-looking backyard is important to most property owners,” explains Rogers, the Michigan State University turf researcher who has helped grow grass for the Olympic Games and for the average house owner. “But when hectic schedules develop a time crunch, you can prioritize your yard care tasks and look for shortcuts that will still permit you to have an attractive yard.”

He recommends these time-savers:

Cut your yard less often. Never “scalp” your yard thinking you can mow less. Letting grass grow a little longer is far healthier than trimming too close. Scalping damages the turf blades, preventing the damaged yard from fending off insects, illness and weeds. When you cut, cut only a third of the length of the turf.

Water more effectively. If you utilize by hand positioned sprinklers, set them effectively the very first time you utilize them so they water as much of your lawn as possible without spraying pathways or driveways. Mark the locations so you won’t have to guess the next time. If you can leave the sprinkler connected to a water tube, you conserve a couple of more minutes-just unreel the hose pipe. Water in the morning (perhaps while you are getting ready for work or getting the kids off to school) to boost absorption and prevent evaporation.

Alternatively to save you even more time and energy use an automatic Irrigation HoustonĀ  system.

Get the kids to help. Put your kids in charge of easy backyard care chores. Have them remove all toys, sticks and other things prior to your mow.

Fertilize as soon as, when it can do the most good. If you only have time for one application a year, fertilize at the start of the growing season with a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. It’s less most likely to damage your lawn if your application method is not ideal, and it will continue to work for weeks.

Keep your mower in great working order. Have it tuned up around once a year or do it yourself (it takes 30 minutes or less).

If you are pushed for time but desire your backyard to look great, trim the front lawn first and the back in a day or two.